Our team believes that every person was made for a purpose, and that true fulfillment comes from aligning one’s profession with their purpose and passion. We believe there is no such thing as work-life balance — only life.
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Coby Pachmayr

Coby Pachmayr is an entrepreneur who is #SlayingDragons for his family, team, and for clients — while on the journey of not just earning a living, but living a life well-earned. He says: "It's not *what* are you fighting for, but for whom are you fighting? Family walks are just one of the things that remind me why I #slaydragons every day. Not just for my dream, but my family's dreams, and the dreams of those who work with me."
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Pamela Pachmayr
Creative Impact Director

Pamela Pachmayr is the Creative Impact Director for Idea Spring. She is a Professional Photographer, Graphic Artist, and Fine Artist. She loves to apply her creative touch to ensure what we produce has the desired impact, and then some. Pamela said, "My goal is to use my skills and talents to glorify God, and love and support my family, and encourage others along the way."
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Steve Willis
Press and Media Relations

Steve views himself as an in-house writer for each client he works with. That means his focus is not just on producing accurate and compelling writing but on acting as an advocate and counselor for clients, helping them to present themselves in the best possible light and avoid potential missteps. Steve relishes the opportunity to understand his clients—not just their work but how their personal stories, values and outlook on life influence the way they conduct their business.
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Dalton Davis
Media and Communications

Dalton finds his values in his family and community. He feels truly fulfilled by using his creative skill set and energy to serve his community and to make a positive impact. Building relationships with the people around him and creating ideas that truly change the world really fuels my passion. The more I can help someone flourish in their purpose, the more it drives my passion to create!
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Tyler Casey
Web Developer

Tyler does what he does to help everyone he meets in life. He believes that if you have skills in something to find a way to do as much good as possible for as many people as possible. He likes to use his abilities with programming to build things that hopefully inspire and help others with their goals and visions.
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Annie Manning
Mission Specialist

Annie Manning is a graphic designer who loves visual communication. If you are playing Pictionary, you want her on your team! She considers visual communication, infographics and icons her first language. Previously in her career, Annie has worked as a web programmer, graphic designer and art director in various ad agencies in Las Vegas for clients such as the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, Cirque du Soleil, the Wynn Hotel and Casino, and The Cleveland Clinic.

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