Small Business Marketing – DIY vs. DIFM

Small businesses prefer Do It Yourself (DIY) marketing solutions over Do it For Me (DIFM) until they reach an appropriate budget. At Idea Spring we've found that our Agency Services approach works across a wide range of business sizes and budgets.

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Our Take

Idea Spring provides branding and marketing solutions for small businesses of all sizes and budgets, from solo entrepreneurs with minimal budgets, to larger companies with well-funded (but certainly not unlimited) campaign budgets.  We discovered that for all businesses, it's a matter of prioritization and maximizing the results from every marketing dollar.

We custom-tailor our solutions, and don't force our clients into cookie-cutter A, B, and C packages. We also take a long-view approach with our clients, and acting as their dedicated marketing team, we help them manage their marketing dollars by shifting priorities each month as needed to reach their objectives.


Our model is based on doing what it takes to "move the needle" in the right direction. We advise our clients on reasonable expectations based on their marketing budget relative to their industry and marketplace competition. For some clients it simply means starting small and gaining traction to grow their business and their budget. For other clients it means improving their marketing efficiency so they can do more with the dollars they have.

So in the DIY vs. DIFM marketing for small business debate, we fall more on the "do it right for you and your budget".