Forrester's top 10 technology trends 2018-2020

One of the unique things about Idea Spring, is that although we're dedicated to helping small business with their branding and marketing, our roots in technology and engineering means that we're always keeping on top of the latest trends. Our tech-geek background is sometimes applied directly, for example when we're working with technology-product manufacturers.  But it also means we're keeping up-to-date on technology trends that impact small business, especially when it comes to marketing and automation.

Our current tagline is "Building Brands that Matter", but it used to be "Making enterprise tools, technology, and techniques feasible for small business."  Although we've changed our tagline, the commitment and passion for technology hasn't stopped. In fact, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver big-business services in a way that makes sense for smaller businesses and budgets.

In the early days of the Internet the amazing result was that for the first time, small businesses could compete with big business on a "level playing field."  Unfortunately, that didn't last too long.  Sure, slower moving big businesses took some time to move, but those early days are gone. Now, small businesses must compete for the same attention-diluted-and-advertising-weary audience as larger businesses with larger budgets.

We are staying up on Internet of Things (IoT) including Industrial IoT (IIoT) and the movement of technology at the edge, and "fog computing" in addition to the rapid growth of Cloud computing and Microservices architecture - something I didn't see called out on the Forrestor report, but an approach that I believe is a game changer in how new cloud services will be designed and launched in the future. We are also continuing to dive deeper into deep learning and neural networks, and the integration of learning software in automation. 

Although we like to geek-out on the technology itself, we are always looking at how to apply that technology in ways that can help small businesses do more with less.  Of course, some of the technologies are still early in their adoption lifecycle, but we're excited about the direction. 

Here are the technology trends released by Forrester which will help you maximize the value of business technology during 2018-2020.

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